PPC For Beginners: How To Drive Instant Traffic Using Google Adwords – Podcast Episode #178

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While SEO can take time to really see significant visitor numbers, pay per click (PPC) advertising can result in far more rapid traffic generation. In this episode of the internet marketing podcast Kelvin and Andy continue their “beginners” theme and provide a solid grounding in how to get started with PPC advertising.

Just a few of the topics covered include an explanation of the key terminology you’ll be faced with, how keyword selection for PPC differs from SEO, some key tips on getting the most valuable traffic without paying over the odds and an examination of some recent Google Adwords innovations for improving both your response rate and visitor satisfaction.

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  1. Hi Kelvin, this is a great post as I have my blog and Im looking to get traffic to my blog, forum, blogs, social media best way to drive traffic do you agree? because at the moment I find google adwords I find it very expensive at the rate of starting. Im a newbie with a mentor

    I will wait for your reply buddy 🙂

    Giuseppe Puma
    work and learn together to achieve success

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