Interview with Tim Ferriss – The 4-Hour Chef – Podcast Episode #189

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This week’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast gets its interview hat on with Tim Ferriss. Tim is an American entrepreneur and author of The 4-Hour Workweek and the 4-Hour Body, both of which are on the NY Times Best Seller list.

The 4-Hour Chef

The discussion focuses on Tim’s upcoming release, The 4-Hour Chef. Topics include a description of the framework people should follow to help them pick up a new skill, the 80/20 analysis principle and inspiring literature recommendations including the likes of Kevin Kelly and Jimmy Soni.

Tim Ferriss - Podcast Episode #189


The 4-Hour Work Week

The 4-Hour Body

The 4-Hour Chef

The Email Game

Kevin Kelly – 1000 true fans 

Tim O’Reilly – It’s Not About You: The Truth About Social Media Marketing 

Lift App


Ryan Holiday – Trust Me I’m Lying

Robert Greene – Mastery

Jimmy Soni – Romes Last Citizen


  1. Great podcast!

    I’ve saved them articles to read later (hell yeah, chrome pocket) and the books are in the wishlist 🙂

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