What Are The Benefits of Using Adwords Sitelink Descriptions?

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Ad Sitelink Performance

Google AdWords recently introduced another new feature to encourage advertisers to convert their campaigns to enhanced ones. Google now allows advertisers to add specific text that will display for their sitelink descriptions within their ads.

Paid search ads will look much more similar to organic search results. The sitelinks will still serve as shortcuts to the most important pages of your site; helping prospective visitors find more easily the information they need and navigate your site in a timely manner.

This is really important for advertisers to consider, since Google has found that click-through rates on ads that appear with sitelinks including additional information are much higher than on traditional AdWords ads. They also state that the sitelinks now offer greater detail that searchers will find more useful and relevant.

If you haven’t upgraded to enhance campaigns, the option will not be active until your campaigns have been fully upgraded. All upgraded campaigns will now find a new description field when creating or editing a sitelink:

sitelinks description

As you can see from the example below (one of our clients – Bishop’s Move), the descriptions are now being showcased below the sitelink titles:

sitelink descriptions

Main advantages in using descriptions in sitelinks extensions:

  • Pushes competitor sites further down the page
  • Decreases bounce rates, since users can now focus on specific pages
  • Higher link visibility, which leads to more traffic
  • Increase in click-through rates
  • Keywords will be shown in bold to attract users even more
  • Richer more relevant ads

Finally, it is important just to highlight that not all advertisers will be able to see sitelink extensions yet, due to a variety of reasons such as quality score, positioning, landing page quality, other ad extensions within the same campaign, search terms used, and the relevance of competitor’s ads on the same page.

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