How SEO is Getting Simpler and More Complex at the Same Time – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #286

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Kelvin is back on the show and talking with Andy around this strange situation where SEO, PPC and Content Marketing are getting simpler and more complex at the same time.

Why is that the case? And what can we do to respond to that.

Kelvin’s top tips:

  • Do the things that will have the quickest impact first rather than the big things.
  • Understand that complexity is inevitable and invest in improving your ability to navigate that complexity.
  • Realise that you’ll find new challenges over time


  1. Yeah, maybe the most common stuff is getting easier – we have lots of free tools that helps to manage keywords, meta tags, etc. But SEO strategies are getting more and more complicated.

  2. Agree with Mick, some common practices are more simple than before. Old school SEO is somewhat an automated process our days. Everyone know how to do the basic keyword tasks and everyone can get on directories.
    Actual SEO has become more of a challenge that includes optimisation of the website experience as a whole: on-site and off-site that is a much more complex task to undertake.

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