How brands can become digital knowledge centres – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #291

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Simon Swann has been working in digital for 11 years with start-ups in mostly the sports/retail sectors. He now works in the publishing sector. In this podcast Simon talks about youtility marketing and the importance of building something that is helpful and useful to your audience. Brands are realising that broadcasting and promoting is becoming very noisy, therefore breaking down barriers and drawing a bridge between the brand and their audience is imperative. How is this done? Embrace your digital team and build conversations, don’t be too corporate, build on the sociable angle and engage.

Simon talks about differentiating your brand in a crowded sector. He discusses blue ocean vs red ocean, crowdsourcing and brand aspiration. How do you build authority? You need to understand your USP, have a trust element, be consistent and have brand transparency. Then you need to measure it, focusing on key metrics.


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