Moving from marketer to entrepreneur – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #294

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Ed is an entrepreneur who has worked with plenty of innovative businesses including the gaming industry. In this podcast he talks about his transition to entrepreneur and founding Laundrapp. He discusses how marketing is very closely aligned to entrepreneurship. Marketers tend to be the glue in organisations; they will work across the whole business, similar to how Entrepreneurs operate. He talks about the importance of optics, and how having a website and managing your own profile is very important.

What is the most important change marketers need to make in order to become an entrepreneur? Ed suggests having the right mind set, celebrate making mistakes which will allow you to optimise the things that work vs the things that don’t. He talks about being honest with yourself. Do you want to focus on one niche, or do you want to be an MD or CEO? If you’re a marketer who wants to make the same transition, Ed suggests some ‘must-read’ books, listening to podcasts like this one and being creative.


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