Brand Psychology: Consumer perceptions, corporate reputations – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #297

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Today we are joined by Jonathan Gabay who has written 14 books, is endorsed by the CIM, was creative group head at Saatchi Saatchi and is a Thunderbirds fan. He talks about his thoughts behind his book, Brand Psychology. He points out how people often write things online which they don’t truly feel; in that they say what other people would like them to say.

We asked him about disinhibition, which he refers to in his book. Minorities comments get the bigger responses in social media, because they are stirring it up. They are very contrary. He strongly advises marketers to stop producing campaigns using software and that it’s time to start thinking of big data as the human mind. People are looking for an identity, which shows other people and yourself that you are authentic. What should we be doing differently? Jonathan suggests we follow our gut, to look at big data but also have common sense and the human instinct.

Brand Psychology: Consumer perceptions, corporate reputations

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