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In this podcast we talk to Nir about habit formation and consumer psychology. Nir used to be in the gaming and advertising industries, which are built upon engagement and mind control. In those industries Nir learned how to change user behaviour through using different technologies, but there was no ‘how to’ manual. Nir decided to spend some time better understanding human behaviour, then wrote the book he felt was missing, ‘Hooked – How to build habit forming products.’

Nir talks about the purpose of his book. 1 use it for good. 2 we are also being manipulated 3. How do we, as business people, use this responsibly? Nir discusses the morality of manipulation and the questions you must ask yourself to know if it is truly good for people. He tells us about the ‘hook’ model which has 4 basic steps. If you want customers to form a habit around your products or services, you need to implement all 4 steps of the hook.

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