#363: A Step by Step Approach to Writing Good Content: Interview with Rob Ashton

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In today’s episode Andy is joined by Rob Ashton, founder and CEO at Emphasis to talk about writing great content.

Rob provides advice on how to start writing when you have a blank screen in front of you and takes you through all parts of the process, from the previous research to the motivation you’ll need every day to keep writing.

Additionally, Rob talks about how to measure quality writing, providing tips to improve the quality of your text and your audience’s satisfaction.


Emphasis website: https://writing-skills.com/

Training Courses: https://e360.writing-skills.com/

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  1. Quality content is more important than anything to increase your customer engagement rate on your website and hence achieve higher ranking in major search engines, the thing is as-far-as your website content offer something valuable to its reader they gonna come back to read more…In the land of Internet Marketing Content is the King.

  2. This interview was a great and encouraging reminder to never lose sight of clear writing! Thank you for it!

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