#377 Game Changing Products in the Magento Ecosystem: Interview with Matt Parkinson

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In today’s episode, Andy is joined by Matt Parkinson, founder of Gene Commerce, an award winning, Brighton based ecommerce agency to talk about game changing products in the Magento ecosystem.

Matt introduces us to the BlueFoot Plugin, a powerful set of tools that improves the content management ability in your Magento store. The plugin is made by Gene Commerce and the aim is to empower Magento users to create content quicker and easier. Matt talks us through the benefits of using BlueFoot for retailers and content marketers and runs us through some of the problems that it can help to solve.

He then discusses Magento 2.0, which was released in 2015. He gives us insights into the key updates and some of the exciting features of Magento 2.0 and explains how to migrate over to this latest version. Matt then goes on to talk about Apple payments and explains how paying with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch etc. will be the future of purchasing and gives us some insights into what this digital wallet service means for e-commerce.

Last but definitely not least, Matt talks about the research and development he’s been doing around Amazon Echo. He explains that he believes the future is in brand loyalty and convenience and that ordering will become easier and quicker in the future. He discusses the pros and cons of using Amazon Echo and explains how easy it is for something to go wrong, specifically how he accidentally ordered himself a Chicken Jalfrezi from Just Eat!

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