#401: Where is Marketing Attribution Headed – Interview with Russell McAthy

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This week’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast sees Andy chatting to Russell McAthy, CEO of CUBED to discuss marketing attribution and where it is headed.

Marketing attribution can be a complicated subject and on the show, Russell explains how important it is to appropriate value to the right places within the marketing funnel, to allow businesses to make much better decisions on where they should be spending their money and their effort to get the best return.

During the podcast, You’ll learn :

  • Why attribution is such a complex topic & why a lot of businesses have struggled to get to grips with it
  • What Russell sees as common pitfalls or obstacles that prevent business from investing and understanding attribution
  • What Russell thinks needs to change in order for more businesses to adopt attribution software and understand it better
  • Russell’s thoughts on Google’s recently announced free attribution software called Google Attribution
  • Where attribution is headed over the next 2 years
  • A good starting point for any marketer who want’s to get started with attribution and use it for business growth

Plus as is the case every week, we ask Russell for his one top tip/key takeaway for our audience.

If you’d like to connect with Russell, you can do so on Twitter here or through his other websites here:








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