#451 An Introduction to Respect Based Marketing: Interview with Bastian Ernst

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On today’s Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Bastian Ernst, Founder of Wild Audience, to talk about Respect Based Marketing and Relationship Funnels.

On the show you’ll learn:

  • What’s wrong with the established marketing methods
  • Why promotions and offers don’t need to be at the forefront of your marketing
  • The difference between a relationship funnel and standard marketing funnels
  • How marketing automation works with respect based marketing
  • How Bastian approaches respect based marketing
  • How to install buying belief through your marketing

Plus, as usual Bastian provides his top tip/key takeaway for the audience.

If you’d like to connect with Bastian, you can do so on Twitter here, LinkedIn here. You can also find his free ebook, explaining the 8 Steps to a Super High Converting Evergreen Sales Funnel here.

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