#461 How to Manage PPC on a Small Budget: Interview with Lisa Raehsler

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On today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Lisa Raehsler, founder of BigClickCo to talk about recent paid search updates and how you can master PPC on a small budget. 

On the show you’ll learn:

  • How Google has changed from AdWords to Google Ads
  • What Pinterest’s Promoted Pins are and why you should be utilising it in your paid search campaigns
  • The challenges when undertaking PPC with a small budget
    • How to manage your daily budget
    • How to determine how many campaigns you can afford
    • How to prioritise and set your Goals
  • Lisa’s tips for how to narrow and reduce the scope of your paid search campaign through Geo-targeting, match types and more
  • Why you might want to consider click to call ads

Plus, as usual Lisa shares her top tip/key takeaway for the audience.

If you’d like to connect with Lisa, you can find her on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here. You can also find her post, 15 Tips on How to Rock a Small PPC Budget here.

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