#464 A New Dawn in Programmatic Display Advertising – Part Two: Interview with Andy Houstoun

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On today’s Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is once again joined by Andy Houstoun Product Director at Crimtan, for part two of his podcast on the subject of GDPR and a new dawn in programmatic display advertising. Missed the first episode? You can give it a listen and read Andy’s blog post on the same topic here.

To recap, over the course of the shows you’ll learn:

  • What programmatic display advertising is and how it works
  • A brief summary of GDPR and how it’s affecting programmatic display advertising
  • The impact and fallout of GDPR – what has actually happened since it was implemented?
  • How future legislation – EPR (Electronic privacy regulation) will negate the effectiveness of cookies for tracking
  • How a focus customer lifetime value could be a safeguard against the demise of tracking cookie effectiveness

Plus, Andy provides his top tip/key takeaway for the audience.

Want to connect with Andy, you can find him on Twitter here, email him at ahoustoun@crimtan.com or call Crimtan on +44(0)20 7821 6864. 

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