#503 How Marketers Make Or Break The Employee Experience: Interview with Andrew Sumitani

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On today’s show, Andy is joined by Andrew Sumitani Senior Director of Marketing, at TINYpulse, and Jason Woodford, our very own CEO here at SiteVisibility to talk about how marketers can make or break the employee experience. 

On the show you’ll learn:

  • Why company culture is so important and why marketers should care
  • How the right company culture can help you to attract the right employees
  • The correlation between why companies that are big on marketing tend to nail employee engagement
  • How communications and employee engagement intersect and how often marketers are champions of the employee experience
  • How we, at SiteVisibility have used TINYPulse to help us improve our company culture and communication

Plus, Andrew provides his top tip/key takeaway for the audience.

If you’d like to connect with Andrew, you can find him on Twitter here and you can find out more details about TINYcon in September here.






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