#626 The Do’s and Absolute Don’ts of Building a Business on Amazon w/ Carolyn Lowe, CEO & Co-Founder of ROI Swift

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In this episode we’re joined by ROI Swift CEO & Co-Founder, Carolyn Lowe. Carolyn recently released the book, ‘Business Growth Do’s and Absolute Don’ts: Applied Wisdom from My Work with Dell, Costco, Amazon, and Multiple Start-ups’. We take the key themes from the book and apply them to growing Amazon based businesses.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • The pros and cons for agency marketers in helping emerging brands to grow
  • Is it possible to build a brand on Amazon?
  • The marketing features of Amazon that you can’t get anywhere else
  • Carolyn’s tips for enhancing product listing pages
  • The importance of creating product videos for Amazon
  • How to avoid being suspended for review manipulation
  • How can Amazon’s ‘Subscribe & Save’ subscriptions impact your customer retention?
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