#636 How To Build a Successful App with John Driscoll, CEO of Naked Development

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In this episode we’re joined by John Driscoll, CEO of Naked Development. Naked Development has built 400 apps over the last 13 years and John joins us to share his advice on how to build apps that satisfy clients and users alike.
***Listener note: Apologies for the drop in audio quality that’s present in some parts during the last 10 minutes. Some unexpected echo features that wasn’t present during recording and was difficult to completely edit out***
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Is it more enjoyable building apps for large corporations or startups?
  • How can you validate an app idea?
  • How to secure funding from investors for your app
  • Why the first 3 months of an app build is crucial to its long term success
  • Is influencer marketing a useful strategy for app promotion?
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