#665 [From The Archive] Communicating With Authenticity w/ Christine Michel Carter

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I’m back next Thursday with new episodes of the podcast, but this week I wanted to re-release one of my favourite podcasts from our archives.

This is a conversation I had with Christine Michel Carter around 18 months ago on the topic of communicating with authenticity. It’s a timely episode for me to revisit personally, but I think the principles and stories Christine shares are applicable and relatable to many of us. Enjoy the episode and see you next week!

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Christine commits to authenticity in her writing and how writers, journalists, and marketers can too
  • Using feedback from your audience and vulnerability in your writing to improve your communication
  • The best way to approach and work with influencers
  • The current state of authenticity and social media
  • Examples of people and brands that do a great job of leading with authenticity

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