#667 Live LinkedIn Audio Event Test

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I’ve still got COVID and so it might be a couple of weeks before I start hosting interviews again.

Time to improvise and experiment!

This week I’m hosting a live walkthrough of LinkedIn’s new Audio Events functionality and discussing why I’m so keen on audio rooms as a marketing medium.

You can listen to me walkthrough LinkedIn Audio Events during the first ten minutes, or skip to around the mark where I start to discuss why I’m a fan of audio rooms and examples of how they’re being used in marketing.

Visit our website for accompanying videos that show the process I’m discussing.

Let me know how you’re using audio rooms and if you have any audio marketing related questions by messaging us on Twitter @SiteVisibility, or email me directly at scott.colenutt@sitevisibility.com


LinkedIn Live Audio Event Test – Take 1:


LinkedIn Live Audio Event Test – Take 2:

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