#698 Unleashing the Creative Potential of Your People w/ Claire Croft & Phil Lewis of Corporate Punk

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In this episode we’re joined by Claire Croft & Phil Lewis of Corporate Punk. Claire and Phil are passionate about helping businesses thrive through the power of their people.

Claire and Phil have a shared passion for unlocking the potential of individuals to help drive long-term commercial success. Claire specialises in eliminating barriers to potential and creating positive and sustainable impact through meaningful conversations and a strategic approach. Phil is an expert in human-centered ways to improve business performance, emphasizing the importance of embracing human strangeness, creativity, and emotion.

In the episode we discuss:

  • How to create a culture that embraces change
  • How to approach challenging conversations with a business partner
  • How to respond when in receipt of feedback
  • How to embrace creativity in business
  • The importance of giving your people time to think

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