#700 Cutting Edge Success: GreenPal’s Journey to One Million Customers w/ Bryan Clayton, Co-founder of GreenPal

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In this episode we’re joined by Bryan Clayton, Co-founder of GreenPal. GreenPal has been dubbed ‘Uber for lawn care’ by Entrepreneur magazine and currently boasts over 300,000 users, with ambitions to make that figure 1 million in the next 5 years.

Bryan joins us to share his lessons in building and growing GreenPal, as well as diving into the insights that helped him achieve a successful exit from his first business, Peachtree, in 2013.

In the episode we discuss:

  • The concept of mentorship vs. asynchronous mentorship
  • The benefits of hiring pirates vs. romantics
  • What’s not taught in business school?
  • Creating your own roadblocks to force re-evaluation of your products and services
  • Immersing yourself in industry research to accelerate your growth
  • Functionality that’s been critical to the reliability of GreenPal’s platform

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