“SiteVisibility put together and managed a brilliant campaign, which significantly improved our social media presence. We have seen great results and will continue to invest in social media as part of our overall strategy.”Renata Basinska, Marketing Director, BlueBay Hotels and Resort

About BlueBay

BlueBay Hotels and Resorts is a distinctive collection of hotels and resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and MENA.

Executive Summary

Utilising Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the client’s blog, we created the “Six Moments of Summer” campaign in order to help BlueBay increase their brand awareness, attract new likes and followers and overall, see higher levels of engagement on Social Media in both the UK and Spain. The campaign resulted in 1,677 entries, over 34,000 engagements, over 1.4k likes/followers across all platforms and over 1 million people were reached over the six-week period.

What were the challenges?

In a saturated market, we were tasked with coming up with a creative social media campaign to increase brand awareness. The challenge was to get the audience to engage with the brand and to build a desire to book a holiday at one of the BlueBay hotels. The theme of the campaign needed to change on a weekly basis and there needed to be both promoted and un-promoted posts.

How did we help?

After deciding that a social media competition would be suitable for BlueBay (to increase brand awareness and people’s engagement with the brand) we came up with the idea of the “Six Months of Summer” campaign. Running from the 21st of July 2016 – 30th August 2016, each week we asked people, through the BlueBay Blog and BlueBay’s Facebook & Twitter (and occasionally Instagram) accounts, to submit their photos on a range of topics around the excitement of holidays, such as adventure, cities and nightlife. A €200 prize was given to the person who submitted the best photo each week. Every participant was then also entered into a grand prize draw to win a 5-night stay at the BlueBay Beach Club Gran Canaria, which was announced at the end of the six weeks.

As well as the competition idea, we also wrote the terms and conditions, researched and chose the audiences to target with the posts and then wrote the posts to be published on Facebook and Twitter in both English and Spanish.

Once the campaign was live, we undertook community management, managed the budgets for promoted posts and managed the campaign on a day to day basis. Finally, we chose the weekly winners, contacted them with their prize and at the end of the six weeks, after announcing the winner of the grand prize, a 5-night stay at the BlueBay Beach Club Gran Canaria, we officially closed the campaign.

To promote the competition outside of BlueBay’s online community, we spent £300 per week on promoting the competition through posts on the BlueBay Hotels & Resorts Facebook Page and the @bluebayhotels Twitter page in English and Spanish. The budgets were split between Facebook and Twitter and allocated according to performance. This was monitored and adjusted weekly/daily.

The Results

Over the course of the six weeks, we saw BlueBay’s presence on social media grow significantly. The competition was successful in getting entrants with 1,677 entries across both platforms. BlueBay received 1,413 new likes and followers with Facebook likes increasing by 42% and there were over 34,000 engagements across both platforms. The campaign also reached over a million people.

The final figures for the paid posts were as follows:

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