The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility – SiteVisibility

SiteVisibility has an active CSR programme and we want to show other small businesses, the bedrock of the UK economy, that they too can have a meaningful positive impact on society. We believe it’s good business practice and we know it makes business sense, whether that be improving skills in the local community, helping employee engagement or supporting charities and NFP’s to become more self-sufficient in their marketing.  It’s great to feel good about the way you do business.

In 2012 we developed an exciting high impact three year CSR strategy (2012-2014) which is based around four main areas we have pledged to address; Leadership, Environment, Employee Health & Well Being and Community. Our CSR budget equates to roughly £25,000 of billable time across the company – that’s equivalent to 2.5% of Revenue and 50% of our Net Profit.

2012 was all about identifying the issues closest to our business, reducing our energy usage and increasing recycling, raising awareness of the work the NSPCC do and raising £1600. However, 2013 saw the launch of our £25k Digital Marketing Fund for local charities. Amongst the many applicants we chose to work alongside the children’s charity Extratime.

Our objectives for 2013 with Extratime:

  1. Increase online donations
  2. Improve online presence and visibility
  3. Increase footfall and donations to the charity shop
  4. Train the team to develop their skills and resources in order to have sustainable marketing capabilities for the future.
Business Impacts
  • A 376% increase in the number of CSR hours taken by our team and a 29% increase in the amount of training taken have directly translated into happier staff with 77% of employees saying they feel CSR activity has had a positive impact.
  • By engaging our existing employees in the community work we do, we hope to reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs.
  • Increased promotional activity and PR resulted in 65% of customers saying they were aware of our CSR activity.
Societal Impacts
  • We engaged in a number of fundraising activities to raise a total of £1,645.57 for the NSPCC.
  • We established the SiteVisibility Digital Marketing Community Fund, which received 24 applications from local charities.
  • Our University of Brighton training day was attended by over 200 people.
  • We delivered Social Media for Charities Training, which was attended by 56 local charity delegates.
  • As a whole,we increased recycling by 236% compared to the previous 12 months.
Get Involved

If you’d like to find out more about how your business could contribute to the local community visit: