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Sarah Sarah Roberts is a Digital Marketing Manager at SiteVisibility.

Running for a good cause

Posted by in CSR & Sustainability on October 30th, 2012 0 Comments

I used to do a lot of running. I ran the London marathon in 2004 and have done a lot of half marathons and other running events. Kelvin (strategic director here at SiteVis) and I used to run to work together when our offices were in Shoreham. Then we both had children and funnily enough running went out the window for both of us. Being woken up several times a night, every night, for over 2 years kind of killed my enthusiasm for getting up at 6am for a training session. But then I decided enough was enough and it was time to get back into it. So I re-joined British Military Fitness and at least twice a week you’ll find me on Hove lawns at 6:45am being shouted at by a couple of soldiers.

2199 1785B MSS04 300x199 Running for a good causeA couple of months ago I sent an email round the office asking if anyone wanted to take part in the 10k Major series, an off road 10-12k race with obstacles and mud and water. Assuming (hoping) I’d have lots of takers I booked myself a place on it. I got one reply….and it was a ‘no way’.  So I was on my own.

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Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2012

Posted by in Working In Search on August 14th, 2012 0 Comments

By Lucia Klander and Georgia Woodford

BYKTW31 150x150 Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2012

Molly enjoying sprinkles for the first time

When we first came in we decorated gingerbread men and cupcakes for the staff and OURSELFS!!! They were extremely yummy. This is what we thought….“I enjoyed making them and definitely eating them!” exclaimed Connie.

The choices of sprinkles were good (and yummy)!” said Lucia.Secondly we made and personalised our own bags and bunting . We used all sorts of things including glitter!! Even the adults joined in! This is what some of the kids thought…

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Doing our bit – Working with Sussex Wildlife Trust

Posted by in CSR & Sustainability on August 9th, 2012 0 Comments

CSR has always been important to us here at SiteVisibility. As Kelvin mentioned in his blog post earlier this year entitled ‘What Are We Doing at SiteVisibility to try to Give Something Back? Our CSR Activities’,   SiteVisibility has a proud history of leadership in corporate responsibility having won the “BITC Small Company of the Year” award in 2007 for our CSR Strategy, and since then our CEO Jason Woodford has served on the prestigious BITC South East Leadership Board.

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Is Google + just ‘Facebook for Grown-ups’?

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on January 13th, 2012 1 Comment

When Facebook was launched I decided not to join up. It just seemed like another website to waste my time entering data into, uploading pictures and then never use. But suddenly I found that I was missing out on events, news and parties because everything was happening through Facebook and I wasn’t part of it. So I joined up, got sucked in for a while, checked it 20 times a day, changed my status, uploaded pictures etc. After a while the novelty wore off a little and now I just dip in from time to time, but it’s still a great way to stay in touch and connect with people without actually having to ‘get in touch’ with them.

4867891425 2f7e43a41c Is Google + just Facebook for Grown ups’?

Then there was Google Buzz and just as I decided to start using it, it seemed to vanish. People found Google Buzz difficult to get into because you couldn’t categorise the people you were following. It also had a big security flaw when it was launched that opened up Google Profiles to outside people so that they could look at who your contacts were and who you were chatting with most, so many people were sceptical about getting involved and it got off to a slow start. Also, with most people already using Facebook and Twitter, a lot of people thought ‘what’s the point?’ Google Buzz was around for a little over a year before Google announced that they were going to shut it down. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time.

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ABCs of SEO: H is for HTML

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on October 13th, 2011 3 Comments

This post outlines the most important HTML elements for SEO. So even if you don’t know any html at all, hopefully by the end of reading this you will be able to check whether you are optimising all the main tags that Google will be looking at.

The Title tags are the first tags that a spider looks for when arriving on your page. This is the most important html element to place your keywords. Here you need to put your most important keywords for the page eg:

<title>SEO Services Company | SEO Search | Digital Marketing & PPC Agency </title>

422213306 02bcf3f7d2 ABCs of SEO: H is for HTML

You don’t need to include your company name here because you are likely to be optimising this throughout your site without even trying. So rather than wasting characters it is more important to get the most competitive and the most relevant keywords here.

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ABC’s of SEO – E is for Email Marketing

Posted by in ABC's of SEO on August 22nd, 2011 0 Comments

It’s surprising how many companies ignore the value of email marketing, not only for selling a product or service or sending out a valued message, but more importantly, the value it holds for brand awareness. Email marketing can generate significant growth in brand equity, your reputation, and general awareness of your company and what you have to offer.

There are lots of different types of emails, ranging from short, single call to action emails known as postcards, to sales emails, newsletters and press releases. The trick is to choose the right email for the right campaign, then send it to the right people.

5469913879 c4c4d2a5ee ABCs of SEO   E is for Email Marketing

The great thing about email marketing is that you don’t need a huge budget. These days you don’t even really need to know html or be a designer – lots of online companies and services offer templates and wizards to help you write and send your campaigns. They also offer monitoring services so you can see who is opening your emails and who is clicking on what.

However, as easy as it is to create and send an email, it’s just as easy to end up straight in someone’s junk folder, so what are the tricks to a successful email campaign? We’ve put together a quick list of 13 “dos and don’ts” (why not, we aren’t superstitious) to make sure your email is the best it can be.

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How to track the time and manage the resource of your SEO team

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO), Working In Search on September 18th, 2009 1 Comment

Around a year ago, I started in my new role as Resource and Project Manager. One of the problems we were having was keeping track of all the small tasks we did for our clients. Unlike web projects which usually consist of large tasks ie design phase, build phase, alpha, beta etc, with Search Engine Optimisation, the work is usually split into much smaller tasks and done by a variety of specialists.

clock How to track the time and manage the resource of your SEO team

The joys of tracking time

We tried various ways of keeping track of all the tasks that were completed for each client but found that we were ending up with a large amount of spreadsheets, no way of tracking exactly who did the tasks (being a small team tasks were often swapped around and there was no record of this) and exactly how many hours were spent on each task.

After looking into a variety of time tracking solutions we came across Intervals ( What we liked about Intervals was its ability to be adapted to the way that out individual company worked.

Intervals is actually more suited to larger projects than the ones we work on but it’s fairly easy to adjust it. Read on

Social Networking is Hard Work – Sarah’s Social Media Experiment

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on June 17th, 2009 8 Comments

So, my social media experiment was probably the most pathetic experiment ever conducted. (See part one here: My plan was to throw myself into all things social media for the whole of April and then write about it in May. However, as you can see I am only just getting around to writing about it now, not because I’ve been so submerged that I haven’t had time to write, but more because I kept finding something more interesting to do and suddenly over two months had gone by and I hadn’t done a thing.

Anyway, I did try…a little, but mostly found the experiment very frustrating.

3549578410 bbd7fc3f88 n Social Networking is Hard Work   Sarah’s Social Media Experiment

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The Latest Ultimatum: “It’s me or Twitter…”

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on April 2nd, 2009 4 Comments

I’ve been working in search marketing for a few years now and although I understand the benefits that social media provides to companies; I even go out and train people in how to use social media to increase revenue/brand awareness, I’m not so sure I see the value on a personal level.

I have to admit to being a bit of a late starter with these things. I’m always the last to sign up to something – I like to wait and see if it’s just a phase or whether it will actually stick around before I give up hours of my time signing up and personalising my account. When I finish work or at the weekends I like to spend my time with real people, get some fresh air, see places, I don’t want to spend my time blogging (mostly because I don’t think I lead an exciting enough life to warrant writing about), sending people virtual presents or finding out what a complete stranger did that morning.  But I’ve begun to notice how social media is completely changing the way we interact with one another, in good and bad ways, the old and the young – it seems there is no getting way from it, so maybe now is the time to dive in and give it a try.

2412892643 594f1a834f The Latest Ultimatum: “It’s me or Twitter…”

Source: Flicker, Photo by Marcin Kempski

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Site Visibility try Adventure Racing

Posted by in News on October 30th, 2008 2 Comments

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for a while but could never think of anything to write about. I was thinking possibly it should be on something to do with SEO seeing as I work for a search marketing company, but that would just be too obvious…so I thought I’d write about the time 3 employees of Site Visibility decided to try their hand at adventure racing….

beginning Site Visibility try Adventure Racing

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