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Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2012

By Lucia Klander and Georgia Woodford When we first came in we decorated gingerbread men and cupcakes for the staff and OURSELFS!!! They were extremely yummy. This is what we thought….“I enjoyed making them and definitely eating them!” exclaimed Connie. “The choices of sprinkles were good (and yummy)!” said Lucia.Secondly we made and personalised our […]

Doing our bit – Working with Sussex Wildlife Trust

CSR has always been important to us here at SiteVisibility. As Kelvin mentioned in his blog post earlier this year entitled ‘What Are We Doing at SiteVisibility to try to Give Something Back? Our CSR Activities’,   SiteVisibility has a proud history of leadership in corporate responsibility having won the “BITC Small Company of the Year” […]

ABCs of SEO: H is for HTML

This post outlines the most important HTML elements for SEO. So even if you don’t know any html at all, hopefully by the end of reading this you will be able to check whether you are optimising all the main tags that Google will be looking at. The Title tags are the first tags that […]

Social Networking is Hard Work – Sarah’s Social Media Experiment

So, my social media experiment was probably the most pathetic experiment ever conducted. (See part one here: My plan was to throw myself into all things social media for the whole of April and then write about it in May. However, as you can see I am only just getting around to writing about […]

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