ABCs of SEO: H is for HTML

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This post outlines the most important HTML elements for SEO. So even if you don’t know any html at all, hopefully by the end of reading this you will be able to check whether you are optimising all the main tags that Google will be looking at.

The Title tags are the first tags that a spider looks for when arriving on your page. This is the most important html element to place your keywords. Here you need to put your most important keywords for the page eg:

<title>SEO Services Company | SEO Search | Digital Marketing & PPC Agency </title>

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You don’t need to include your company name here because you are likely to be optimising this throughout your site without even trying. So rather than wasting characters it is more important to get the most competitive and the most relevant keywords here.

When the spider has read the title tag it the goes through the rest of the document looking for reoccurring instances of the words it has seen in the title to build up a picture of what your site is about. The next tag that it gets to is the meta description tag. Although this tag is not used so much by Google, any keywords that appear in this tag that match the keywords used in a search will appear in bold, and the more words you have in bold, the more your result will stand out in the listings.

The Google spider will then look for an H1 tag, which is the main heading tag on the page. It is important to make sure that your heading is in an H1 tag rather than just being styled using CSS to look like a heading because otherwise Google will not know that it is a heading. It is also important to only use one h1 per page as using more than one h1 tag will dilute it’s importance. Your main keywords need to be here eg:

<h1> SEO Services from Site Visibility, a Digital Marketing & PPC Agency < /h1>

You should also split up any blocks of content using < h2> tags (heading 2) as another way of telling Google that you are including important keywords relevant to your site eg:

<h2>More about SEO Search </h2>

So far we have included our page’s 4 main keywords in our title, 3 of these keywords then show in our <h1> tag and the other appears in the <h2> tag.

Google will now look through your content to see if you are repeating these keywords throughout your copy. It will also place greater importance on keywords placed in < strong> tags (to make them bold), <em> tags (to make them italic) and keywords placed in <a href=””> tags (to make them a link). Lists using <ul> or <ol> (numbered lists or bullet points) are also a good place to insert keywords.

If you make sure that you insert all your keywords in these specific tags as well as in the main content yourself then you are off to an excellent start in optimising your website.

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  1. One of the most important pieces of copy for SEO is the title tag. Having a strong, relevant, clickable title can have a major impact on rankings, click-through rates and overall traffic numbers.

  2. It’s true, title tags are one of the most important locations in which to include your keywords.

  3. Another great article, you describe things so the average business owner will understand. Thank You
    Will recommend you.

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