How do you avoid doing damage when you upgrade your site? – Podcast Episode #74

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In our latest episode of the podcast we take yet more questions from the listeners to the show. Event though we’ve launched the live interactive video Q&A sessions as part of the premium site; we will still once every four weeks handing over to you, the listeners to answer your questions!

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  1. Hope I’m commenting on the right post…

    In the podcast the subject of whether or not to use the built in site-search on a WordPress blog came up.

    One very useful side-effect of including the search is that you can use Google Analytics ‘search’ reports to see what your readers are searching for.

    That can be vital information: these people came to your site and decided that it looked promising enough to do a search. Very few people use site search, so anyone interested enough to give it a go is interested in your site.

    Those search terms can sometimes give you very interesting clues about your market. If nothing else, it shows the language they use. Possibly for stuff on the site under an industry name!

  2. Another area of site updating is the question of moving servers/hosting providers – can you comment on some of the things to look out for in a hosting Company and also whether moving companies is likely to impact your search results

  3. I enjoyed this podcast as it had quite a few things relevant to my business’s strategy. We currently have a collection of niche bicycling websites. I’ve often debated over the advantages and disadvantages of all these different domains.

    Overall, I’ve gone with the notion that we perform well within our specific niches in part because our URLs keywords strongly target these niches and also because our customers like the look and feel of our focus on the specific niches with each one having its own domain. This does lead to some split efforts and not combining the strength of our SEO. We have mitigated some of the downside of the split efforts in developing our own multisite management system customized from OSCommerce.

    Among the 3 specialty cycling websites,, and, we also have a blog, I’ve been considering moving into a subfolder, and was wondering what your thoughts are in regard to this.

    It sounds like if we were starting from scratch, you’d recommend this strategy for SEO purposes, but given that these sites are both about 5 years old, would it not be beneficial to make the move at this point, given that we did all the proper redirects and maintained the content as much as possible? I am thinking that such a move will help to boost up our SEO for our shop

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