Tips For How Affiliate Marketers Can Out-Perform Merchants – Podcast Episode #83

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In today’s episode Kelvin shares how small affiliate marketers can out-perform huge SEO teams working for merchants and Daniel helps you with your social media monitoring.

25 Years of Apple Mouse Evolution

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  • Mayday Update
  • Make a list of the most ‘quality x’ products – i.e the most reliable mobile phones etc
  • Optimise that list for those search terms
  • Break down product variations
  • Go a level or two deeper than the merchants
  • Write something that compares two products, i.e. “Which is best? Product z v.s. Product x”
  • Kodak zi8
  • Answer Product Question – especially if they’re are a deal breaker
  • What have people complained about in reviews, they may be the product questions
  • Take content people have trapped in PDF and make them search friendly
  • Don’t have to be positive about every product

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  1. Great podcast. Is there a way to search for a keyword(s) but exclude a particular word(s) within the same alert?

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