Kelvin’s Free Book On Link Building Is Here – Podcast Episode #101

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If you follow me on Twitter there’s a good chance you may well have seen me tweeting this week about my free ebook on link building titled ‘Becoming a Clockwork Pirate‘ It takes you through dozens of different practical ways to build the kinds of links to your website that Google and the other search engines love.
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You can download it now here.

In today’s episode I talk a bit more about the book and the innovative approach I’ve been using to ‘pay’ for the free book.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Kelvin, I will read it with interest. In my opinion link building should be a wholly natural process. Blogging, helping people in forums and writing articles are all part of the modern marketing mix. When these become an obsession with no regard for the reader they cross the spam line and loose their interest and significance.
    Most successful companies that blog do so because they firmly believe in what they are doing and as a consequence have a strong following and gain a benefit.

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