SEO For Classified Websites – Podcast Episode #119

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In this episode of the podcast, Kelvin is talking about various elements of a successful SEO strategy for classified websites, including how to prioritise keywords, how to measure the success of those keywords, ways to use expired listings to your advantage, as well as duplication of content among other things.

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  1. I’v recently started a website to link to terestial newspaper classified ads, and so I listened with interest to your podcat on classified SEO. Afterwards I thought I would search around the subject and I noticed on a website that showed a slide show for your talk to the ICMA a comment that indicated that Google only adds listings and not site content to its indexes from classified sites, as I didn’t hear this comment discussed in your pod cast ! If this is the case this would explain the stats that Google’s webmaster page gives me when it shows information from my sitemap.xml which seems to show only my listing uploaded to the index, and a number equal to my site information pages as not loaded to the index.

    If this is the case am I better of removing the word classified and ads from my pages to improve my google listing or is there another way for a lowly new startup classified site to get its new message out?

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