Analytics + Rounders = A Fun Day Had By All

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The most recent quarterly teambuilding day for SiteVisibility took place on Friday, the 10th June and contained a mixture of exercises and seminars to challenge both our mental and physical abilities. We were graced with the presence of Nikki Rae (who you can find on Twitter here: @analyticsgirl) who spent the morning taking us on a journey through the extensive world of Google Analytics. Reiterating basic knowledge, and then diving in and out of the more complicated elements of the site, the team was able to take a lot away from the session. This was felt most of all by Graeme, our very own Mr Metrics for whom the session was just like his Birthday, Christmas, and all the Bank Holidays of 2011 come at once. We are all looking forward to applying what we learnt to our future reports.

So, our brains had been challenged and then came the physical part of the day. After a few doubtful looks around the training room in the morning as the rain hammered at the skylight, lo and behold the skies cleared. We kitted ourselves out in hot pink outfits which if i may say we pulled off very well and headed off to Preston park in the afternoon to meet our challengers DC Storm, No Pork Pies, Butchers Hook and Leapfrogg.

After gaining lots of insights in the morning, we learned something else in the afternoon: that SiteVisibility are not very good at Rounders. Despite our unity in pink (and our Pink Beyond the Click attitude), our force turned out to be not so strong and we failed in the challenge of SV verses a combination of the rest of the teams. The winners of the day had to be DC storm who first wowed us with their tiger print onesies and then destroyed everyone with their both amazing batting and fielding skills. We could blame the Stella but since all the teams were slightly hindered by a tipple of alcohol combined with the heat of the sun we have no excuse. With requests by all for a rematch we hope to try and salvage our sporting name sometime in the near future.

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