Creative Marketing : Blogging Workshop with Sussex Downs College

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global enterprise week

As part of our SiteVisibility Corporate Responsibility Policy, we are involved in working with the community in a number of different ways, from support local charities to getting involved with local education at schools and Universities.   Last month I went to Sussex Downs College in Lewes to run a Marketing Workshop with the Six Form students focusing on blogging as a marketing practice.  The workshop was one of four run as part of the colleges Global Enterprise Week.

The objective of the blogging workshop was to highlight the importance of blogging as a marketing strategy.  We wanted pupils to understand how and why blogs are used by companies, how to set up a blog (using the Tumblr platform) and encourage them to share it through social media to reach their target audience.

The theme for the blogs was “Enterprise week”, and the subject could be as broad or as focused as they wanted.   We encouraged the pupils to be creative in their thinking surrounding the theme and the results were great.  A lot of the themes expanded into popular culture such as celebrity entrepreneurs, young apprentice themes, bizarre invention and numerous Dragon’s Den references and blogs were populated with content such as relevant videos, images, music text, etc.

With only 1 hour 15 minutes per class, time was tight for the pupils to think of an idea, set up the blog, and add the content – however with these groups of children, many of whom have blogging experience and are social media savvy, this short time didn’t hinder their capability or enthusiasm.

It was a tough decision to choose the best blog as there were some great ideas, design, and even pupils who were coding hit counters on the site, our technical team would have been proud!  The winning blog was chosen as they did a good all round job and did most of the things we specified to include.  Their theme was based on young entrepreneurs, and their blog was called Ultra Enterprise, have a look to see their relevant content and pictures of the team and the lesson itself.

With 3 classes to run, by the end of the day we had over 20 new Tumblr blogs set up and I learned that teaching kids is actually a pretty tiring job and that I should probably stick to digital marketing.

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