Email Marketing Through Your Signature – Podcast Episode #209

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In this week’s internet marketing podcast Kelvin caught up with Fiona Robson (RocketSeed) about how you can do e-mail marketing through your signature. Fiona Robson’s background is in the tourism industry where she held various sales and marketing roles until she joined RocketSeed about 2 and a half years ago. They discussed the opportunities of e-mail marketing, the types of audience you can reach, how changes in the mobile industry have influenced e-mail marketing, how to segment e-mail marketing approaches and how to kick off your e-mail marketing strategy.

E-mail marketing puzzle by Yoel Ben-Avraham



  1. Small oops.

    After listening to the rest of the show, I found that Fiona did refer to different departments. But all her examples, as far as I recall, were still “outward facing” (ie not to fellow employees).

    Had a slightly funny thought about that stat. Maybe Jerry Workerbee only sends 3 an hour most times. But a few (very busy) hours a week, he powers out one a minute.

    Toodle pip

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