The State of Content Marketing – #BrightonSEO Roundtable Takeaways

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content marketing takeaways - brightonseo

Content marketing was once again a hot topic of debate at BrightonSEO this year – Sharon Flaherty’s ( presentation about engaging content was one of the highlights as well as the content marketing roundtable session which took place the day before the conference.

The discussion was for members of digital marketing teams to debate what content marketing is all about. Types of engaging content, budgets, evaluation methods, idea generation were just some of the topics covered. Here’s a list of the key takeaways of what was revealed at the roundtable session.

  1. SEO isn’t about links anymore, by building great content brand awareness and traffic should fall into place. 
  2. By generating regular quality content you’ll be able to build links naturally.
  3. Links are not the be all and end all of digital marketing campaigns – PR has a huge role to play in promoting your business and building awareness.
  4. When creating content avoid repetition, try something new and always look for fresh interesting angles.
  5. Education is needed within marketing departments to understand that content marketing isn’t just blog posts.
  6. Building content campaigns around calendar dates can improve brand awareness around topical events.
  7. Be reactive – by issuing rapid response content you’ll be able to build on current events boosting your businesses profile.
  8. Remember to always think about the user journey when creating content and try to convert users into leads.
  9. Be flexible with your planning for the year to adapt to news stories and trends.
  10. The best method when conducting outreach is to be awesome and unique – impress your contacts!
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  1. I just got started with internet marketing and seo, little bit overwhelming, I thought links were very important for seo..I think i need to read a little bit more..Thanks

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