Automating Elements of SEO – Podcast Episode #210

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This week’s internet marketing podcast is based on a talk from April’s BrightonSEO. Berian Reed from Auto Trader talks about automating SEO on large websites. Auto Trader is a big data company with around 11 million users, 1 billion page views every month and 120 million searches just for cars. Not surprisingly, SEO is their biggest traffic driver. Berian gives us some useful tips, tricks and tools about how to make the life of SEO companies easier and how to automate a lot of ‘boring’ stuff in SEO.

seo-blocks von Paloma Gómez

Auto Trader


Advanced Web Ranking


Niels Bosma Tools


  1. Hi Guys,
    Loving the show and keep up the good work.
    I’m having trouble finding the javascript plugin tint mentioned on this podcast for adding a link to copied text.

  2. What tools did he say he used? Some I could make out but others were difficult. The visuals would be helpful. Really enjoyed this podcast however, very interesting

  3. Another stellar episode! Sounds like BrightonSEO was the place to be. I tried to find “Tin” but finally realized it was Tynt and I finally tracked it down. Here’s the link for your listeners:

  4. Awesome episode! What was the name of the Javascript plugin they used for adding links into the copy/paste from top-marks?

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