The Future of Content Marketing – Podcast Episode #228

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This week on the Internet Marketing Podcast we caught up with Malcolm Fried (Operations Director at Quill Content) as we discussed the future of Content Marketing. Malcolm joined Quill following thirteen years at Bloomberg where he was Head of Europe TV and Digital Video. Quill is a multi-channel content marketing company that produces content for the web, on any topic and in any language. The Quill Network of specialist writers, graphic designers, photographers and video producers works on the Quill Platform to meet the rapid growth in demand for bespoke digital content.

In this episode Malcolm explained the types of content solutions that Quill provide  to businesses who do not have the necessary in-house capabilities. After that, we debate the importance of Content Marketing as well as why consumers need choice. Malcolm then shares the background of how Content has evolved online and the growing importance of story telling to improve the sales proposition. He then explains how to overcome the challenges of being too sales-y when writing product copy. Finally, we end the episode highlighting future Content trends and discussing the in-house economic viability of Content creation.

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