A Week Work Experience at SiteVisibility – Responsible Business Week

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Last week we were joined in the SV office by Sophie Judd as part of our involvement in the Brighton Impact Group discussed in in this post. Sophie produced a diary as part of her placement which we’ve shared below.


My First Day

On the first day of my work placement at SiteVisibility I felt nervous as I had never been to or completed a work placement before therefore I did not know what to expect. On the other hand, I was excited to see what SiteVisibility and the team behind the work could offer and help me to achieve. When I first entered the building I was greeted by happiness and my nervousness turned into interest. Kerry showed me up to where I would be working for the next week, she also showed me the kitchen, where I could find drink s and food. Kerry then introduced me to the team and what their roles were within the team. Everyone there made me feel part of the team and was very friendly which made my experience easier and more enjoyable. Kerry then presented me with a pen, notebook, laptop and reading material and told me everything I needed to know and do for the day was in an email she had sent to me and if I had any questions or needed any help to approach or email her.

I started by reading through the team help guide to understand more about what the employees do within the company. Then I started to write my dairy for the week ahead and I was then informed to read through various reading material to develop my understanding of the business and what SiteVisibility ensured which included looking through and reading the magazines Net also getting to know more about SiteVisibilily by reading SiteVisibility in the press. On my first day the experience is how I expected it and I am really enjoying myself and looking forward to the week to come. Today I can take away a better understanding of marketing and as a whole SiteVisibility, I have also improved my time management and helped me organise my time to help me for the week ahead but also crucially for the future.

My Second Day

My second day I was curious to see what Kerry and the team had in store for me after enjoying my first day and first time on a work placement. I was welcomed by all of the team and everyone helped me to settle in. Through the day I was assigned to familiarise myself with CPJ Field and what they provided for their customers by looking onto their website, Facebook page and Twitter page. But also looking at other funeral homes like Caring Lady and how they work and market themselves to attract more customers. A meeting was held about PageRank and I found that very interesting that websites are ranked which helps to order the search engine results also that PageRank helps to measure the importance of website pages.

I learnt today how to look into a certain businesses by taking notes from different resources on the computer like websites and Facebook but also looking through different businesses to see the businesses competitors and how the business is able and how they compete. The day was like I expected after my first day which included looking into businesses and how they are attracting more customers by the way that they market themselves.

My Third Day

On my third day of my work placement I had a meeting with Alex and Kerry explaining what a competitor analysis was and what needed to be found out in one. I was nervous about the meeting as I had no idea of how to complete a competitor’s analysis however, Alex and Kerry enlightened me about it and emailed me instructions of what to do and what to include. I had to find three funeral directors/homes that were on Facebook of Twitter and then find out things that we could use on C.P.J. Field’s Facebook page to attract more customers and likes. I started by reviewing likes, tweets, retweets, competitions, tone and the information that was put onto the competitors Facebook Page and Twitter.

My Fourth Day

On my fourth day I was really looking forward to finishing my competitor analysis and finding out what Alex thought of it also to share my ideas on what C.P.J. Field could use on their Facebook page from the competitors to increase their interests in their Facebook Page. I got underway with looking up interesting facts and events that are happening around the area the C.P.J. Field is based, for example I found out about the Death Café. Doing this activity helped me to research different things onto the internet, how to search for them and where to find them. I then separated them into section from news, blog and product

My Fifth Day

I finished putting all of the information that I had found into a word document and shared the ideas with Alex so that we were able to put them into an excel spreadsheet so they were organised and so we knew we picked the best ones and did not repeat ourselves. My experience here at SiteVisibility has been a wonderful time and I have learnt many skills from Kerry, Alex and the team, that I can take away with me and that will help me the future. I am so thankful for the team for taking the time to help me gain experience. All the team were supportive and they made me feel like one the team and I want to thank you all for this opportunity.


The Brighton BIG has started small but the infrastructure, support and relationships are in place. This is only the beginning and we hope that we can encourage more digital agencies to engage with BACA and explore how they can help.

Businesses interested in joining the Brighton BIG can contact Mike Toy on 023 9241 5760



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