Changes in Google’s structured data testing tool & guidelines – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #299

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Today we talk to David Deering who owns Touch Point Digital Marketing. They offer services from web design to SEO and David personally specialises in structured data markup. What is structured data? David tells us that in simple terms it is the process of adding certain tags and codes to your webpages so Google can better understand it. Search engines don’t understand the purpose of pages, unless you tell them. He talks about rich snippets and how to implement them, some examples of rich snippets being ratings, name of the product, price and whether that product is in stock.

He also talks about Schema data, which is the most well-known vocabulary of all the search engines, and how to implement structured data markups between all of them. David discusses the changes that google have made with the guidelines and testing tools and talks about the pros and cons of the changes. David concludes the podcast by giving 3 top tips around structured data.

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