Online Video with @bomtailey – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #300

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In this podcast we chat to Tom Bailey, Creative Producer at Shy Camera. We asked him about the different ways businesses can use video content for marketing. Tom tells us it is an interesting time for video, all trends indicate that video is playing a more important role in marketing and will continue to. Tom talks about the fundamental shift on what video is, on the production side there has been huge changes in camera technology. Access to beautiful cameras means that there’s been a shift to how films are made. The latest technology changes the post-production process, you no longer require specialist kit, putting the power in the hands of all film makers.

Content expectations are rising all the time, which means video film content needs to stand on its own as quality. We asked Tom if we should expect to see more proliferation of video. He tells us there are plenty of channels for organisations to reach their niche audience, creating content that is suitable. Access to technology is no longer an excuse; it’s about quality of ideas and execution. Tom talks about the experiential approach – where a live event is produced and it’s engaging the audience in real-time, capturing everything taking place. Increasingly brands and organisations are going to want to take this approach. We asked Tom what his thoughts were on filming at live events. He advises organisers to be conscious of their budget and to always ask for an outline of what the film will look like at the end, prior to the event. He tells us the classic mistakes people make when it comes to film, from a client’s perspective, is not allowing enough access, time or staff to the process of the film. Not appreciating the importance of the finer details, ie lighting and sound. They take time. On his side, don’t try to do too much in a day. It’s a slow and deliberate art.


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