#301 The Latest PPC & AdWords News With Tara West

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Today we are joined by Tara West, Biddable Media Manager at Headstream. We asked Tara what the latest news is with PPC. She tells us there is a shift from keyword targeting to people targeting where you can now tailor bidding based on someone’s previous action on your site. So, in effect, you’re targeting people and behaviour, instead of keywords. Remarketing search ads have been around since 2013, it’s key to understand them as another layer of targeting to existing search campaigns.

When using PPC for ecommerce, product listing ads work really well, you get a good return and you can include the whole product feed in search without having to create text ads for everything. Be strategic and use the extra functionality. The best way to get started with PPC is to be clever with it; don’t trust Google to guide you through the set up process as they aren’t always clued up on how to use the budget effectively. If you can afford to, it’s worth getting a professional agency to build your initial campaign, saving you a lot of money in the long term. Be realistic about what your budget can achieve and think long term, using a tool like ubersuggest. Conversion tracking is essential, see what is and what isn’t working well, ensuring the budget you do have is as effective as possible. More recently we have seen PPC and paid social working together. Social is great for driving consumers at the top of the funnel to build awareness and it’s really low cost. PPC can then drive traffic lower down the funnel where they are actively looking at your products or services.





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