Visitor Vocab Technique with @acquireconvert – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #306

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In today’s podcast we are joined by Giles Thomas, the founder of Whole Design Studios in Berlin and Giles has also created an online course for businesses and entrepreneurs in Conversion Rate Optimisation, also known as CRO. Giles notes that CRO is quite a new development in itself, therefore people are not aware of what it is and what it really means. In 2012 Giles took the leap and started going it alone, he was inspired by a web series ‘This week in Startups’. Fast forward into 3/4 years Giles has been focusing on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and UX, spending his time testing, refining and implementing different CRO and UX processors and methodology. He is also working with Google Launchpad in Berlin. In this podcast, Giles offers an enthusiastic discussion about the importance of understanding customer data through the ‘Visitor Vocab Technique’, and how it can be reflected in CRO and in a business.

Giles is the inventor of the ‘Visitor Vocab Technique’, which can co-exist with CRO. Essentially, the ‘Visitor Vocab Technique aims to improve profit and also provide the qualitative data for CRO. Giles informs us that understanding the customer’s behaviour is highly important. He therefore states that customer development interviews should be conducted to understand customer needs. He believes that these interviews should potentially be conducted face to face as it will give a true insight into understanding the customer. He further notes that questions that are going to be asked should be open-ended rather than closed. We asked Giles how he would go about finding these customers, as it does not seem to be an easy task to do. He agreed with us that it is not easy, but it will come with time. He tells us that it will be beneficial to start from the email list and leads as this will be the start of your customers. Giles specifies that it should be from prospective customers. He also notes that customers can be approached through social searching and setting up Google Alerts or Buzzsumo alerts to see who’s talking about it.



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