Retain Websites with Magento @objectsource– INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #308

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Today we are joined by Rebecca Jones MD at Objectsource, which is a leading Magento developing agency; Rebecca has been head of director level for many different companies such as, and NatWest. Rebecca started Objectsource 4-5 years ago. We asked her: what was the main thrust of Objectsource?  She simply states that it is to ‘design, build and host Magento websites.’

We asked her, from a business perspective, what are the things that make Magento a good eCommerce platform? She enthusiastically responds that ‘First and foremost it is free, which means that you can spend all your budget on customising and getting it to what you want it to be for your business.’

She further argues that “making sure your business can attract the right customers and making sure that your site is search-engine-friendly, which makes it a good eCommerce site. She further adds that Magento already allows you to do that as templates are already set up. Don’t need to worry about the coding around it.”

Rebecca also indicates that – “once you’ve attracted your customers you need to make sure you try and convert them, which is based on the user experience and the journey they have when they get to the website. Magento already has setup the category pages and the product pages. Making sure that it is swift and easy, so it can go straight into the basket. With Magento converting customers are easy, as long as you have good user journey.”

She explains that Magento is essentially a platform as it has all the features and the functionality that you would want of a good ecommerce site.

Rebecca clarifies that Magento offers a vibrant developer community due to being an open source platform.

How easy is it to use SEO and optimise keywords strategies, is it straight forward? Rebecca with confidence explains that ‘yes it is straightforward as Magento has an easy to use admin panel, where you don’t need any technical knowledge at all.

In this podcast Rebecca enthusiastically talks from her experience of coming across Magento and how easy it is to use.


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