Blogger outreach tips with @ACHepworth– INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #312

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Today we are joined by Alex Hepworth, who is digital content and PR Manager here at SiteVisibility, she has recently spoken at the Etsy group to pass on blogger outreach tips. She explains that her talk was based on the ways in which people, who have an Etsy shop, can work with bloggers to build brand awareness, increase traffic to their site,  imagery and social channels to their site. Etsy is an online marketplace where creative entrepreneurs sell their hand made creations to people that are looking for unique objects that they most often won’t find anywhere else.

Alex draws from experience when contacting and using a blogger for a client content marketing campaign, which had to lead to bigger and better opportunities; it’s not just a blog post, you can get more from it. From Alex’s experience of using bloggers she has witnessed the great imagery that it can create for a business and what it can do for a company.

Alex was asked, what’s the best approach to getting a great blogging strategy? Alex believes that you need to figure out what you aim to achieve out of the blogging campaign and the content from brand awareness. She also believes that it important utilise the bloggers social channel and approach the blogger with a story in order for the blogger to create a journey with the brand. It will allow the blogger to also reach to their target audience which will then have a knock on effect with the client’s campaign. In the podcast Alex further drops techniques that will help business approach a blogger and gain a blogging strategy. For example:

  • Give aways
  • Seasonal periods
  • Events
  • Getting blogs to create look books
  • Instagram takeovers – get a blogger take over your accounts and on their profile
  • Pintrest

How do you decide to know which blogger to go for?

Alex believes that relevancy and quality level of their copy on their blog posts are important features as they will help attract the audience and produce suitable content, along with their social channels. Moz authority ranking toolbar can allow a wealth of data on blogger outreach, as it can help give an idea of the page authority and a domain authority.

Throughout this podcast Alex enthusiastically shares hints and tips that will help you reach bloggers to help your marketing campaigns and ways to build on collaborating pieces of work.

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