Multi-lingual AdWords – Parlez vous Anglais? (Rob Watson – Supplyant) – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #332

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In today´s episode Andy is joined by Rob Watson, Head of Digital Marketing at Supplyant. In this episode, Rob shares some of his experiences with companies that deal with multilingual websites, discussing how to identify opportunities in different countries as well as translating your ads in Google Adwords.

As well as that, Rob shares a number of tips around knowing your audience and their culture, discovering national insights from keyword analysis instead of simply translating them and how to use Dynamic Search Ads to help you create compelling ads for your website.


  1. Great summary of the way marketers are dealing with digital marketing…content marketing in particular. There’s simply more money being spent on digital marketing, advertising and PR so there’s more resources. It’s an opportunity to experiment and innovate.

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