#357 Interpreting Social Data via GA: Interview with Tori Cushing

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In today’s episode Andy is joined by Tori Cushing, Marketing Strategist at Annielytics, to talk about Google Analytics social reports and the insights they can provide.
Tori explains that Google Analytics is a very powerful tool, but that it is useless unless we get campaign tagging right. As such, she shares some of her tips and a clear process to make sure all your campaigns are properly attributed to the right source. She also discusses Social Conversions and clarifies the difference between Assisted and Direct conversions.

  1. Demystifying Social Reports: https://www.annielytics.com/blog/analytics/demystifying-social-reports-google-analytics-video/
  2. Multi-Channel Funnels api: https://www.annielytics.com/blog/analytics/multi-channel-funnels-acquisition-reports-dont-get-along/
  3. Guide to Channel Groupings: https://www.annielytics.com/guides/definitive-guide-to-channel-groupings-google-analytics/
  4. Guide to Campaign Tagging: https://www.annielytics.com/guides/definitive-guide-campaign-tagging-google-analytics/
  5. Live Q&A with Annie for Google Analytics: https://www.annielytics.com/annielytics-on-air
  6. Tori’s Twitter account for future posts: https://twitter.com/toricushing

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