#379 The Marriage of Content Marketing and Search: Interview with Marcus Tober

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In this week’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Marcus Tober, CTO at Searchmetrics to discuss the marriage of content marketing and search.

During the show Marcus discusses how search technology has evolved over the last decade or so and discusses changes including Google Hummingbird, Machine learning and the rise of Mobile Search. He then goes on to explain how using search insights can help you to ensure that your content stands out from the massive amount of (often unhelpful) content that is published online.

Marcus talks about how using insights and being data driven can help you to understand more about your audience and the issues that really matter to them and describes how you can “reverse engineer the DNA of already successful pages” to produce better content yourself. He then goes on to discusses the topic of evergreen content and how data-led content can help to resonate with your audience and live longer and explains why sometimes it is better to update existing content rather than creating new content which can cause content cannibalization.

Finally, he provides some insights and examples from Searchmetrics’ Content Experience Solution.

If you’d like to connect with Marcus personally you can do so on Twitter here & you can follow Searchmetrics here.





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