#385 Inbound Marketing: Interview with Mike Lieberman

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In today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Square 2 Marketing’s President and Chief Inbound Scientist, Mike Lieberman to discuss Inbound Marketing.

On the show, Mike discusses how the way in which people make purchases has changed and how this has impacted inbound marketing campaigns. He explores what can make inbound marketing successful or unsuccessful, drawing on his experience over the last 13 years or so and goes on to provide his tips for how once a lead becomes interested in a service or product, those working in sales can avoid coming on too strong and putting off the potential customer.

Finally, Mike discusses how and why some bigger businesses aren’t using inbound marketing as a strategy and his reasons why he thinks they should be, plus he provides his top tip/key takeaway for the audience.

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  1. One thing that always annoys me is the reference to Inbound Marketing and ‘interruption’ marketing as if only Inbound marketing is holy, sin free, elegant etc. The reality is that both are intended to ‘interrupt’ the buyers thinking. Just done in different ways.

    I receive more emails from companies who claim to be Inbound marketers. Period.

    Hubspot, who I think coined the phrase, continue to send me hundreds of emails a year, even though I have purchased a different marketing automation platform. It is non-stop. Retargeting could be characterized as ‘interruption’ marketing. Sure I went to the companies site for whatever reason. But the fact that a display ad will track me for days weeks or months is intended to interrupt me at some point to gain attention to the company. If I got to a convention or trade show as a vendor, I am not interrupting the audience, they are coming to my booth (or not) but not because I am interrupting them.

    The reality is that marketers need to run fully rounded and integrated activities. Some will be better or more cost effective than others for their business.

    To simply dismiss everything that is not characterized (much of it incorrectly) as Inbound as ‘interruption’ is lazy.

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