#386 Recent Google Analytics Announcements: Interview with Jeff Sauer

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In today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Jeff Sauer, experienced marketer, entrepreneur and founder of Jeffalytics to discuss the latest goings on in the world of Google Analytics.

On the show, Jeff discusses 3 main topics:

Google Data Studio

Jeff discusses:

  • How it’s recently become completely free and has changed from allowing 5 reports per email address to unlimited reports
  • How it’s much easier and more flexible to create amazing reports
  • How you can integrate with Google Products such as Adwords & Analytics, Search Console and even Google Sheets
  • The other integrations that are available and how they are only limited to your imagination!

Google Surveys 360

Jeff  talks about:

  • The enterprise version, Surveys 360 is now available and allows you to use surveys to segment and analyse visitors in connected ways
  • How you can survey people who are known users of your product, visitors to your site & target by location etc.
  • How Analytics tools help you to understand what has happened and how surveys can help you to understand why, adding a qualitative aspect to our quantitative data.

Google Optimise

Jeff discusses Google’s A/B testing tool, Google Optimise. He takes us through what it is and and how it works and how you could benefit from using it.

Finally, as is the case with most episodes, Jeff provides his top tip/key takeaway for our audience.

If you’d like to connect with Jeff, you can follow him on Twitter here or you can listen to his very own podcast, the Jumpstart Podcast here.



  1. A/B testing is of high importance when you are serious about promoting your business online and I am one of the users of GA myself. GA is the closest to the actual figure tool when it comes to analyzing the traffic on the website. I would love to listen the developments on this, thank you for sharing.

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