#389 – Training in SEO: Interview with Kelvin Newman and Danny Richman

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In this weeks episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, we’ve got our former host and regular on the show, Kelvin Newman, founder of BrightonSEO, talking to Danny Richman, SEO trainer, consultant, speaker and mentor, about training in SEO.

Danny explains that over the years he has trained a wide range of audiences, both with beginners and those with more advanced knowledge of SEO but that there are often common misconceptions among them all about Search. For example, most people think that the main contributor to how well a website ranks is the amount of traffic to a site or that SEO is a mysterious dark art!

Danny then goes onto discuss what he’s learnt about SEO from providing SEO training. He explains that one of the key thing’s that he’s learnt is that some businesses just aren’t well set up for SEO. That it isn’t always the best channel for everyone.

He then goes on to talk about some common mistakes that he has found businesses making when working with them including;

  • The use of custom made CMS systems and how they can often hinder the ability to perform SEO
  • A lack of patience and understanding that SEO takes time, that it isn’t something that you can just turn on and off

If you’d like to connect with Danny, you can follow him on twitter here, or check out his website here.



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