#510 How to Build & Maintain International Websites: Interview with Jeff White

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On today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Jeff White, co-founder of Kula Partners to talk about the best practices and software for developing and maintaining large international web platforms.

On the show you’ll learn:

  • The characteristics of ‘international’ websites
  • Some of the problems that organizations run into when building and maintaining sites that serve buyers in different countries
  • The types of issues that crop up around content and language
  • What needs to be considered when tackling a large international site merger/migration?
  • Why China has a completely different set of rules to other countries & what needs to be considered for companies operating there?

Plus, Jeff provides his top tip for the audience.

If you’d like to connect with Jeff, you can find him on Twitter here. You can also find The Kula Ring Podcast here and the Synchrostack integration platform here.

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