#511 How To Reach The Unreachable Customer: Interview with Mark Schaefer

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On today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined once again by Mark Schaefer, internationally-acclaimed speaker, author and college educator to talk further about his book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins and how you can reach the unreachable customer.

On the show you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to get creative to reach the unreachable customer
  • How to remain memorable in a content overkilled world
  • Why your price determines your brand
  • Why the answer to battling content overload isn’t with more content!
  • Why long-tail keywords remain valid as part of your marketing strategy

Plus, Mark provides his top tip for the audience.

If you’d like to connect with Mark, you can find him on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here. You can also find more info on his books, his podcast and blog here.

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